One Simple Tool To Increase Your Conversion Rate 20%

Your sales are steady, but your CPA is too high and your margins are very slim. Widgetly, helps you instantly increase conversions, drive more sales, and stop wasting ad dollars with the most effective, all-in-one, conversion optimizing tool available.


What is Widgetly?

Widgetly is the “All-In-One” funnel engagement platform that helps you better engage your site visitors, build their trust (social proof), promote your products and special deals or discounts, and reduce site abandonment. By more effectively finding ways to engage with your site visitors, you too can see massive increases in your sales and leads.

How Does Widgetly Work?

It starts by copying a simple snippet of code and placing it on your web pages.

From there, you can create “widgets” with eye catching images and killer ad copy, but with Widgetly you can do so much more.

Split test multiple offers on a single widget, set targeting parameters to show the right message to the right visitor, and use different triggers to engage your visitors at different times.

Use our proven templates to show images, videos, and other content that site visitors will see and engage with.

Whatever it takes to get that click, and maximize conversion.

Step 1: Choose Your Template Design

Choose from one of our many pre-built templates. Decide on how to segment your traffic based on geo and language targeting, mobile vs desktop, traffic source, and whatever else you can think of.

Step 2: Create Your Message

Create stunning, on brand messages that look and feel like you want. Customize everything by simply filling in the blank fields. Need to display multiple offers on one Popup? You got it!

Step 3: Test and Adjust in Real Time

Use our real time data to make quicker decisions and easily optimize your campaigns. Wigetly will generate more leads, subscribers and sales from the traffic you already have.

It’s Your Conversion Swiss Army Knife

Right now, you’re leaving money on the table. Your traffic is ducking out before they give you a chance.

Widgetly makes them turn their head, let out a wolf whistle, and follow you to wherever you want to lead them (*ehem…* to a sale).

  • Split Testing on Steroids

    Compare copy, images, widget type, placement, and timing, and more. Easily track which widgets are working for each campaign, turn off the losers, and scale the winners!

  • Advanced Targeting

    Segment your traffic based on Geo and language targeting, mobile vs desktop, traffic source, and whatever else you can think of.

  • Notification

    “When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other ” ~ Eric Hoffer. With Widgetly, affiliates can finally build trust and credibility with social proof notifications.

  • Analytics that Make Sense

    Easily see what’s working and what needs work. See how many views turn into clicks and how many clicks turn into conversions.

  • Easy to Use

    Complicated integrations and juggling code are for the other guys. We have one, all powerful Pixel. That’s all you need to worry about.

  • Floating Bars and Pop Ups

    Use sticky top and bottom bars to create urgency and promote special offers with perfectly placed, well timed, dynamic pop ups they can’t resist.

The Widgetly Story

We were tired of duct taping dozens of different (and expensive)

opt in and conversion tools together, and praying they would play nice.

They didn’t.

But it gets worse. Trying to split test was nearly impossible. The analytics were all over the place and figuring out which conversion tool was actually getting us the sale was a nightmare.

You shouldn’t need a degree in statistics to know where to put your money.

Widgetly changes all that. Upsell, cross-sell,

and funnel your traffic to the place most likely to convert.

Widgetly Customers See Results Like These…

Revenue Increased More Than 20%…

“We implemented one simple widget to save abandoning visitors with a special offer and revenue went up more than 20% immediately. Now I’m rolling it out wherever I can!”

– Nick Coats, Sawtooth Media

Easy To Use… Maximized Conversions…

Widgetly is so easy to use. I enjoy getting creative and finding the right widgets for any site to maximize conversions.”

– Chris Dayley, Smart CRO

Increased Conversions By At Least 18% On EVERY Offer…

“Widgetly helped me save abandoning site visitors and turn them into customers. I increased conversions by at least 18% on EVERY offer we have.

– Jonathan Seal, Blue and White Media